The club are now in a position to announce the arrangements for the FA Trophy Round 1 match between Ramsbottom United and Stockport County, which will be played on Saturday 13th December at the Harry Williams Riverside Stadium.


Following extensive consultation with Greater Manchester Police and the commitees of both clubs, the following will be implemented for the game on the 13th December.

The Police, after the talks with both clubs, have agreed that the match can take place at the Harry Williams Riverside Stadium and have permitted the game to be “Pay on the Gate”.

To allow this to happen, the following MUST be applied:-
ADMISSION: admission for this game will be £10 for all with the exception of the reduced rate of £5 for concessions.  This is to ensure a speedy entrance to the ground without having to dish out change (if this had not been agreed, it is almost certain that we would have had to make it all-ticket).

PARKING: There will be NO PARKING on the ground for spectators.  This will only be for officials, match officials, police and ambulance as well as Stockport County supporters coaches, which will be parked close to the turnstile.  We appreciate this is going to cause problems in the town, but we have our hands tied.

SEGREGATION: The ground will be segregated.  Stockport County supporters will enter the ground using turnstile number 1 (our main turnstile).  Ramsbottom United supporters will gain access via the new turnstile block, numbers 2 and 3.  Stockport supporters will be housed at the cricket field end of the ground with seating in the Ellis Timlin Stand.  Home supporters will have the Railway end and the main stand.  Refreshments and toilets will be as normal for home supporters, whilst catering and ‘mobile toilet facilties’ will be brought in for the away supporters.

ARRIVAL AT THE GROUND: We strongly recommend that spectators turn up no later that 2.30pm for the 3pm start!  To do so will cause crowd congestion and, with it, the inevitable problems.  Please can you ensure that you arrive in good time – anyone arriving after 2.30pm will have to put up with the consequences of doing so!

NO RE-ADMISSION: We have to enforce the regulation that there will be no re-admission to the ground at any time.  This means no exit at half-time to go to the cricket club.  Once inside the ground, fans must stay inside.

Club secretary Tony Cunningham stated this evening.  “These arrangements have been put in place for just this ONE match, so hopefully everyone will be understanding and sympathetic, and at least by doing what we have, we have avoided the possibility of having to switch the game to Edgeley Park or having to make it all-ticket.

“Please be assured that we have taken the above steps to ensure that we can host the game at the Harry Williams Riverside Stadium and also making it “Pay on the Gate”, which we feel most people would prefer.

“I hope this clarifies the club’s position, and hopefully will produce the best result for an enjoyable fixture”.

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