FRIDAY 4th MAY 2007


Despite considering myself a relatively long-standing Rammy supporter, I have to start by admitting I wasn’t actually there in person on the occasion of this particular chapter in the Rams’ past history of successes and great occasions.

Instead, having recourse to Rammy You-Tube, I am like any other viewer watching the game for the first time. And what a game it was!

What a player Ryan Moore was on the day! If the other 21 starting players on the field seemed rather intimidated by the venue – Reebok Stadium, sixth successive season proud home of Bolton Wanderers and their continued Premier League status – Ryan Moore ( Rammy No 10 ) seemed merely to see it as a natural show-case to illustrate his talents, which he did by scoring a hat-trick!

The video recording of the match at the Reebok – with ground capacity approaching 30,000 – shows acres of unoccupied seats which to today’s audience – should it have been deemed necessary at the time – would have made ‘social distancing’ easy to have achieved on the day.

On a different level, and as far as both teams were concerned on the day, the snooker table surface of the ground seemed to present extra problems. Accustomed as both teams were to playing on rougher surfaces!

It is interesting to put this match into broader context in terms of the development of Ramsbottom United FC since its foundation by present Chairman Harry Williams going back fantastically as far as 1966!

Soon after the inception of the present club from being a park team, Ramsbottom United had joined the Bolton Combination the year after before moving on to join the Manchester League in 1987. It was at the end of the 1994/5 season that the club applied to the NWCFL ( North West Counties Football League ) and been admitted into the pyramid in June 1995.

Becoming 2nd Division Champions at the end of 1996/7, the club had achieved successful positions in 1999/2000 and 2000/1 but suffered leaner spells thereafter.

During this time though, the Bolton Hospital Cup competition had provided notable ‘distraction’ with cup final wins spanning 2005/6, 2006/7 and 2007/8.

However it wasn’t to be until 2011/2 that joint-managers Johnson and Morley achieved further league success, supplemented with further promotion after the 2014 play-off victory at Bamber Bridge in 2014.

Today’s video showing, as the match against Bamber Bridge three weeks ago, reminds faithful supporters of past triumphs. More than that, it hopefully should serve to remind us of the enormous potential of the present playing staff and supportive management team working towards ensuring the further successful future of the club.

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