We are delighted to announce the launch of our Ramsbottom vs The Rams February fundraiser.

We are inviting the wider Ramsbottom community to take part in this challenge that will officially launch on Monday 1st February and run for the whole month.

As part of Chris Willcock’s great work in keeping the first team fit both physically and mentally ready for the season whenever this is, the club sponsors Rosebridge will sponsor the first team on, £1 per kilometre e.g. approx. £1,000 for the three selected charities.

The Challenge is for the supporters to beat the first team. If the supporters beat the first team the sponsorship will double to £2,000

This fundraiser is raising money for Cancer Research UK, Ramsbottom Pantry & Ramsbottom War Memorial Project as both the Ramsbottom Community & first team (The Rams) look to clock up 1,407km

There are a number of ways you will be able to submit your distances, all you will need to do is send your distance (e.g. 3km) and if possible a picture of your run/walk whether that be a screenshot of a map or a picture on your run/walk.

You will be able to do this a number of different ways including via all our social media’s whether that be in the comments or via direct message, by email at media@ramsbottomunited.co.uk or you can message 07811106695 using WhatsApp.

Club-captain Tom Kennedy spoke to ramsbottomunited.co.uk about the challenge and said: “We came up with the idea of running or walking the length of the country, Lands’ End to John O’Groats and we’ve come up with three charities that we’re passionate about and the club sponsor Rosebridge have kindly got involved and are going to start off the sponsorship and also donate to the GoFund to start us off with a decent amount and then hopefully we can grow on that and raise some awareness but also have a bit of fun while we’re doing it.”

Kennedy hoped as many of the Rammy community would get involved in possible: “We’re not being able to socialise and spend time with people that you’re used to spending time with so it’s something we’re passionate about and we’re hoping that Rammy fans and the Ramsbottom community and wider afield will get involved and we can create a bit of a competitive edge and see who can get to the top of the country quickest and if we get there maybe we can then head back to Rammy United and see who comes out on top!”

“If you walk 2KM or 5KM it doesn’t make a difference or if you’re running 100KM the ethos is the same, everybody’s involved and everybody’s contributing and that’s exactly like on a matchday, the players might play but there’s the stuff that goes on behind the scenes and every little bit of help all adds up in the end and that’s the most important thing for me that everyone buys in.”

Kennedy concluded by talking about the charities that have been chosen for this fundraiser: “Phil Rose our sponsor, the CEO of Rosebridge is ex-Army himself and he has got a big passion for the War memorial in Rammy, with the foodbank we’ve seen what’s been happening recently regarding the school lunches with what Marcus Rashford has done which is amazing and if we could give a little bit ourselves then that’s fantastic and regarding cancer, it’s affected pretty much every person on the planet to a degree so that’s something that we are really passionate about and anything that we can contribute towards that is massive.”

It would be great if you could donate to these worthy charities, two of which are at the heart of the Ramsbottom community, all you have to do is walk and take some pictures!

Let’s get behind the Ramsbottom community keeping everybody healthy both physically and mentally.

A link to our JustGiving page will follow over the weekend.

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