Congratulations to the community on winning the race from Lands End to John O’ Groats against the Rams first-team players and staff in our Ramsbottom vs The Rams fundraising challenge.

The response has been incredible and we have been delighted with how many people within the community have got on board with the challenge.

As a result of completing the challenge so quickly, our club sponsors Rosebridge, who have also sponsored the challenge, have doubled the amount of money they are going to contribute to the JustGiving page to £2000!

With our fundraiser continuing until the end of February, we have another challenge for you to take on the players and staff at.

Following the first 8 days of our February Fundraiser, Ramsbottom (community) currently have 1628.59KM in the tank while the Rams (players and staff) have covered 691.07KM.

The new challenge is to build on them totals in a battle to see whether you can reach 5000KM before the players and staff reach the top of the country and then travel back down the country to Ramsbottom.

With regards to submitting your miles, this stays the same and please where possible, provide us with a picture of your run.

Club-captain Tom Kennedy spoke to about the new challenge and said: “I don’t think anyone could have asked for anymore effort from the Ramsbottom fans and community over the past week and the amount of people that have logged their walking or running has been incredible.”

“I’d love to say it was a close race but being honest they have completely smashed the players and staff!!

“I hope it’s given people some structure and drive to get out and about and be active in these tough times and see how lucky we all are to live in such a beautiful area!! 

“BUT keep the champagne on ice, we said the challenge was for the whole of February so we’ve decided to up the stakes and the new challenge is for the fans and community to hit 5,000km total distance and for the players to get to the top of the country and back to Ramsbottom.

“So the bar has been set in week 1 let’s see how far we can get over the next 3 weeks!! Thanks again and please don’t forget to donate a small amount to these three amazing charities”

You can find a link to our JustGiving page via our FebruaryFundraiser page on the website and also across all our social media platforms, any donation however big or small will make a huge difference to any of the three causes we are donating to.

Let’s continue to get behind the Ramsbottom community keeping everybody healthy both physically and mentally

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